We help you reach myriad audiences
regardless of niche, age, culture or background.

Digital advertising

Re-inventing brands digitally

At Happy Hours, amongst APAC’s best digital agencies, we help brands develop enduring digital personalities. We do this by connecting creative talent, technology wizards, big data scientists and business specialists. The free idea-showers that follow have a simple goal: Distilling the brand’s vision into a tested, holistic and actionable digital plan that resonates strongly with the markets we are trying to reach. When the brew and balance is right, thisresults in many things at once: Unforgettable campaigns, coveted awards, loyal fans and smiling accountants.


Turning customers into fans

For us at Happy Hours, customer loyalty is a function of customer fulfilment. The CRM process at Happy Hours comprises leveraging both insight and analytics to understand the customer’s need in depth,innovating on ideas that are both fresh and value-able, and responding with ideas and offerings that are both desirable and timely.

Inbound Marketing

Using content to convert

At Happy Hours, amongst APAC’s best digital agencies, we help customers seek the brand out, instead of the other way round. We do this by substituting advertising that is intrusive and rude, with content that is useful and friendly. Via expertly crafted videos, inforgraphics, e-books, white-papers and social content, we help brands convert curiosity into sales by engaging with customers at every stage of the content funnel.

Social Marketing

Going beyond LIKES

We like to create ‘social first’ brands that don’t just ride conversations, but believe in creating them. By staying on top of trends, keeping a tab on emerging platforms and tracking fan movements, we at Happy Hours (amongst APAC’s best social digital agencies) create engaging campaigns, contests and content that help customers understand the brand better, and vice versa.

User Experience Design

Engaging via technology

User Experience Design at Happy Hours begins by defining the behaviours and needs of the consumers we are targeting, and is followed up by a happy process of discovery, exploration and ‘eureka moments’. The result? Synchronous design solutions that flow seamlessly across devices, platforms and technologies, and let users experience the essence of the brand via a truly memorable interface.


Never miss an edge

If there’s anything that’s changing faster than the fleeting attention of your customer, it’s technology. Whether it’s boosting e-commerce ventures via app development, creating stunning consumer experiences via augmented reality or taking graphic design to the next level with the latest stylus, at Happy Hours, amongst APAC’s top technology digital agencies, weare constantly evolving to not just make sense of the shifting technology landscape, but help our clients make the most of it.

Internet of Technology / Mobile

Pushing customers – on the go!

The mobile Internet of Things is letting users step beyond the traditional mobile experience and experiment with bold new media and devices. At Happy Hours, we see this as an opportunity to help our brands stay ahead of the curve by not only interconnecting digital content, applications, and functionality into the latest mobile platforms, but bringing it all into the daily lives of their customers in natural and memorable ways.

Creative and Design

WOW at work

Design is much more than just looking great. It’s about finding answers to puzzling challenges, and solutions for stubborn problems. It is, of course, equally about creating the elusive WOW factor, elevating campaigns and engineering competitive advantage. By syncing with creative directors, copywriters and client servicing teams, that’s exactly what artists and designers at APAC’s best creative digital agencies, do.

Strategy and planning

No plan B’s

Creating brand strategies is a more layered task than it probably implies. After all, it involves straddling the variables of human behaviour, trending technologies, big data and emerging opportunities. By listening, learning and taking ‘informed leaps’, the Happy Hours team create meaningful, measurable and memorable strategy roadmaps that take brands from where they are to where they want to be – in the shortest possible time.

Digital Activation

Brand meet fan, fan meet brand

Sometimes, the brand needs to leap out of the pages of the website, the video screen or the mobile app, and shake hands with its customers at a higher level. It’s a happy window of opportunity where we at Happy Hours(amongst APAC’s best digital agencies) bring our technology, analytics and creative talent together to create digital moments and experiences that translate the brand personality spectacularly, and transfer it endearingly.

Video : Show and Tell

If a picture says a 1000 words, a video probably says a million. And considerably more accurately, too, given the advanced visual technologies at our disposal today. By bringing the finest storytellers, musicians and artists in the same room (and letting them ‘go’!), we at Happy Hours create videos of various genres and styles (animated, canned-on-film or anything in between) that capture the brand story perfectly, and narrate it compellingly.

ATL – TV/Radio/Print

Crossing the line

Brands don’t travel their digital journeys alone. They often do so in the company of their more traditional ATL cousins - a 360 degree mix that helps bring out the richness and diversity of the brand’s various facets holistically. The in-house expertise at Happy Hours – complemented by our strategic partnerships – ensure highly effective communication exercises across platforms – print, TV, radio and even films.