Digital and social are a part of our lives. Make it a part of your brand story, too.

We make it easy for companies and brands to leverage the power of digital and social technologies to add value and happiness to their consumers’ lives.

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Transforming your brand with #DigitalHappiness.

Happy Hours is a bunch of new age marcom pros who are happiest when re-inventing your brand for the opportunities of the digital age- via new-edge assets, viral campaigns and awesome consumer experiences.
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About Us

Where we’re coming from.

When you do what you love to do, it doesn’t feel like work anymore. It feels like, well, happiness. This simple, yet profound, philosophy is what drives Happy Hours, a new-edge communications outfit (back-ended by an MNC with a turnover of over INR 800 cr) that blends creativity and technology in amazing new ways to give a whole new meaning to work-life balance.

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Connect with your audience in never-before ways.

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Everyone needs a dose of #DigitalHappiness.


Start-ups need to differentiate themselves right from the outset, with a digital & technology team that can both create experiences and take their message to the right audiences, to help them become a truly new age brand.

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Small and Medium companies on the fast-track to growth should utilize the unique digital opportunity to showcase themselves, discover new markets and generate more business leads.

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MNC’s and big businesses must leverage the power of digital technologies to retain their competitive edge, increase customer base and improve ROI.

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The happiness mission.

We try to go beyond merely solving a brand’s immediate growth goals, to devising strategies for most lasting happiness.We do this via…
  • Workspaces that celebrate the joy of creativity and collaboration, everyday.
  • Projects that are carefully handpicked to not only bring out the best in each one of us, but enrich our community measurably.
  • Cutting-edge infrastructure that is truly global-class in every way.
  • Amazing learning and growth opportunities for our employees.
  • An inspired and rewarding work experience.
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A ‘Happiness First’ culture.

A company is only as ‘happy’ as its people are, and building a happy culture takes top priority with us. We believe freedom is the essence of all joy on this planet, and our conviction shows in our ‘people first’, flexible style of working where the end matters, not the means. Which means it’s fine if you work while working out on the treadmill, with your pet by your side, in solitary confinement, from your granny’s house or under the light of the moon, as long as you make us go WOW at the end of it all!

We made these guys really happy.

A sweeping look at the various challenges and speed-breakers we encountered with various industries and brands along our journey - and the strategy roadmaps, media mix, creative leaps and big ideas that helped us overcome them to create uncommon moments of impact. One inspiration at a time.

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Hit the sweet spot that intersects digital, creativity and technology. Transform your business with the power of #DIGITALHAPPINESS.

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